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The Blurry Nights Return to The Legendary Dobbs This Friday

Photo Credit: The Blurry Nights

Philadelphia’s own psychedelic grunge rock synth-pop rockers, The Blurry Nights, are returning to The Legendary Dobbsfor another showcase Friday, Nov. 21, 2014.

The Blurry Nights sound blends elements of retro grunge, psychedelic rock, electronic dance and pop with an end-product that distinguishes them from their grunge and metal counterparts. The four members of the band definitely aren’t strangers to playing music together. A few of them were in MJ Project back in 2006, and up until recently they had electro-jam outfit Sonic Spank. Assembled in early 2013, the band has been crafting their sound into a package that won’t disappoint.

Joining them on Friday is SakimaSit Kitty Sit and The Mushroom Cloud.

Sakima performs a plethora of musical tastes and varieties paying homage to rock, jazz, funk, blues, bluegrass, reggae and world fusion. This group blends these many textures of sound together to create new concepts with an all original expedition. Also on the bill is The Mushroom Cloud from Connecticut, and all the way from San Francisco we have Classical Rocker Sit Kitty Sit.


Tickets are $10, show goers must be 21 and over. Doors open at 7:30 p.m.

You can purchase tickets in advance HERE.

Compiled from Full Circle Music Productions.