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Lucid celebrates 10 years on the road, in the hearts of many


Written by Garret K. Woodward     Photo by Chelsea Wright at CWright Photography

Dead-ends don’t exist — only obstacles do.

Having creative aspirations can seem like a dead-end to those watching from the side of the road of life. But, for the wild ones, moving with a reckless abandon toward the unknown horizon, there comes a day when you have that turning point conversation with your soul. That though thick and thin, hell or high water, you’ll keep pushing through.

Because it’s only a matter of time before chance, pursuit and opportunity cross paths.

“We see what our music means to people, and what it means to us. It’s how we live and breathe,” said Lowell Wurster. “Without it, I wouldn’t be myself. And if I can help someone or even make them smile and dance for a couple hours, that’s all we need to know. We’re very comfortable with our vision and believe in it, all of us.”

Wurster is the percussionist for Lucid, a raucous North Country ensemble seamlessly blending rock, blues, funk and hip-hop. Emerging from the rough and tumble bars of downtown Plattsburgh, N.Y., the band is celebrating a decade together. They’ve played empty dives where the only person present was the bartender, and raucous festivals where a sea of enthusiastic people kept asking, “Who the hell are these guys?”

And year-by-year Lucid has chipped away at that anonymity, where what remains is a sextet gradually overtaking the northeast music scene. It’s a slow burn, an intent purposely set at the group’s inception.

“Ten years symbolizes happiness and unity. Everyday, I’m amazed that I get to sing songs and grow not only grow with the band, but also the audience, too,” said guitarist/singer Kevin Sabourin. “The music can and will provide — it’s a seed to be watered.”

With the recent addition of drummer Chris English, the group is pushing into the next decade together with as much ambition and determination as was felt those many years ago, when three friends came together to see what their music could do.

And through their 10 years together, they have survived. Bus breakdowns in the middle of the night, longtime girlfriends who came and went, lineup changes just when things seemed to be taking off. Its all happened to Lucid, for good or ill, but they have persevered, together, all for the sake of the music.

“This is something that was meant to be. We are doing what we need to do in this world,” said Wurster. “To see how music in general, not just ours, affects people is very humbling. We’re stronger than we’ve ever been, and it’s exciting as hell. We kept the faith even when it was very hard to do so, and here we are.”