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Tweed hits Deer Park

Funktronica’s foursome, Tweed, hits Deer Park Tavern with the funkiest cheese off the old block. If you like sexy dance parties, join us in Newark, DE for an evening of music and libations

Recent Press:
“The Chunky Life, the new release from Philadelphia based jamtronica band, Tweed, is a sonic tour de force to be reckoned with. Although only an EP, this has it all. The band smashes boundaries and cleverly weaves genre upon genre into their almighty web. Their many influences reign supreme throughout the entire duration. There is everything from nu disco to snippets of post-punk apocalypse. The most brilliant aspect surrounding this release is the fact that you can’t tell if the transitions are calculated or completely organic…Lots of bands attempt to cross boundaries, but few succeed so seamlessly. Every track keeps you interested from first note to last. The genre crossing is not distracting but completely engaging. This is a triumphant work. A must have. It just may be my favorite release of 2016! I have a gut feeling these guys are about to become huge. Climb aboard now.”

Free show w/ student ID (only $5 without)