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FARM Music and Arts Festival 2016

Welcome to another amazing year of F.A.R.M. Music and Arts Festival! It’s our 4th annual celebration of the future of artistic and revolutionary minds! This is a place where self creators and new age thinkers from around the world gather in the deep Pine Barrens of Hammonton, NJ to explore, express, inspire, create, and join with each others’ individual unique universes together as one. This is where we make our stand. On July 22nd, 2016, our worlds meet and moments are captured with the ones we hold closest to us. Mark your calendars, get your gear in check, tell your friends and family, FARM is coming around the bend! We can’t wait to greet you at the gate! Ready? Let’s go!


Our artist line-up this year will be more extensive then ever before as we plan to broaden the horizon of musical tastes and talents to a wide variety of genres, while still reaching back to the roots of what music is. It’s the beat, the rhythm, and the movement. Whether its live, electronic, interpretive, or down right experimental, we’ll make arrangements for it every time.

Our art installations are created to enrich the patron with a wonderful creative free flowing environment. We want you to be immersed in a world of original pieces that are specially designed to stimulate the senses and become enthralled with entertainment and wonder. If you have a great idea for an installation piece and think you have proper plans to put it together, tell us by sending an email to submission@farmmusicandarts.com

We have selected an arrangement of artists from around the country to come and display some of the finest pieces of art work. They are willing to create before your very eyes and you will watch their art come alive before your stay here is over. The Artist will teach and display the hard work and values that it takes to create within the field of fine arts and we hope they will inspire the audience in the unending quest for ones true self created expression. If you are a talented artist who is interested in putting your work to display, you can contact us at submission@farmmusicandarts.com.

As they bend, twirl, twist, and groove our flow performers and performance stages will create an amazing show that becomes interactive with the farm. We plan to teach and inspire our patrons to get in the spot light and share a space with other performers, provide education on fire and flow safety, and give time to interact and compete in various activities and games. If you are interested in learning how to get more involved email us at farmfiretroupe@gmail.com

Instilling education and inspiration is one of the fundamental values we have for the Future of Artistic and Revolutionary Minds. We want our attendees to leave knowing that they learned something valuable and had an amazing experience while doing so. We want to create and educate individuals on self preservation and living a more innovative life, with
teachings on permaculture, holistic medicines, flow arts,
aquaculture, meditation, yoga, scientific phenomenons, and much more TBA. If you think you have a good idea on a workshop, email us at farmfestmusic@gmail.com

If you are interested in getting involved you can contact our email at volunteer@farmmusicandarts.com