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CIA (ft members of Disco Biscuits; Particle) w/s/g at Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox

CIA consists of Allen Aucoin (drums- The Disco Biscuits, Dr. Fameus), Clay Parnell (bass- Brothers Past, BioDiesel) and Ian McGuire (keyboards- MJ Project, Sonic Spank). Formed in October of 2008, they have quickly earned fans and acclaim as a dynamic and often explosive ensambe playing in the genres of dubstep, house and jungle while sometimes veering into musical territory that defies classification. Built on Aucoin’s powerhouse drumming, the engine behind tDB’s massive sound, the trio is able to hit strides of high-intensity playing that few other acts playing similar music can match. Add the improvisation and tonal wizardry of Ian McGuire and the “call in the bomb squad” hammer of Parnell’s bass and the stage is set for a throw-down, CIA style.