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Photographer-turned-producer, Igor Skafar, made quite a name for himself on the nu-disco scene some years ago. In 2008 he released his first solo international 12″ on London’s Airtight Recordings. ‘Global Pillage’ and ‘Tips & Tricks’ were very positively received and accumulated a number of favorable reviews, including a four star review from iDj magazine and praise from many illustrious names in the music industry such as Bjorn Torske, Pete Herbert, Prins Thomas and others… Ichisan has contributed tracks to Eskimo recording compilations, has releases on Airtight recordings, Internasjonal, Catune, Solardisco, and Under The Shade/Jiscomusic; including a remix for the legendary band “Space”, which was released on Nang records. Together with Ule Nakova, he has a project named Ichisan&Nakova. Their first album Yugo Tempo was released 2010 on Nang records.

Ichisan made his North American debut in September 2013 which garnered much acclaim, followed by an incredibly successful first US tour alongside acts like The Disco Biscuits, Boombox, Conspirator and Party Supplies. His debut album is about to come out on Bordello A Parigi Records by the end of this month.

“The disco-funk formula merely serves as a guide to the mad genius as he converts blueprints to an interplanetary exploration into an audio map of the universe. Just as we can barely grasp onto the untold secrets of the universe and the cosmic unknown, we can only begin to possess a vague understanding of the inner genius of Ichisan’s work.” – Cody Bates