Clay Parnell – Bass
Ian McGuire – Keyboards
Allen Aucoin – Drums


The power trio CIA consists of Allen Aucoin on drums (The Disco Biscuits, Dr. Fameus), Clay Parnell on bass (Particle, BioDiesel, BP) and Ian McGuire on the keys (MJ Project, Sonic Spank, Blurry Nights). CIA’s often high energy, high quality live performances have earned them acclaim among fans as a dynamic and explosive ensemble. CIA’s style borrows heavily from the genres of acid jazz, breaks and drum n bass, while regularly steering into experimental territories whose boundaries are highlighted by a blending of genres. As one fan put it, CIA plays “down to business dance beats for the bad kids”.

Built heavily on Aucoin’s powerhouse drumming­, the trio balances its sound fluidly between his machine-like, fast-paced chops and his jazzed-out ambient rhythms with ease and style. Add in Parnell’s  “call in the bomb squad” bass – that low­-end fire behind such acts as Particle & Brothers Past – and top it off with the improvisational and tonal wizardry of Ian McGuire, and the stage is set for unique sonic exploration that is special only to CIA.

Their debut album “Mind Kontrolle” was released on digital in December of 2018. It will be available on vinyl by September 2019.

Club History
July 13, 2010 – CIA, Philly, Silk City  • October 20, 2010 – CIA, Philly, Silk City (sold out) • April 7, 2011 – CIA, NYC, Bowery Poetry Club (sold out) • January 6, 2012 – CIA at The Blockley, Philly • January 24, 2014 – Dr. Diesel, Denver CO (sold out) •  November 21, 2015 – CIA, Ophelia’s, Denver CO, (sold out) • July 20, 2016 CIA, The 8×10, Baltimore MD • November 17, 2016 CIA, Owsley’s Golden Road, Boulder CO • November 19, 2016 CIA, Ophelia’s, Denver CO

Festival History
July 11, 2013 – CIA at Camp Bisco (VIP stage) • August 9, 2013 – Space Jesus Live Band (feat Allen and Clay) Big Up Festival,Claverack NY • August 17, 2013 – Dr. Diesel (Allen & Clay) atBella Tera Fest, Stephentown NY  • May 31, 2015 – (Hollywood Nights) Beanstalk Fest (headline), Bond CO (sold out) • June 10, 2016 – CIA at Beanstalk Fest (headline), Westcliffe CO (sold out) • July 22n 2016 – CIA at FARM Music & Arts Festival, Hammonton NJ • CIA at Great North Music Festival, Minot ME • CIA at Luna Light Music & Arts Festival, Darlington MD