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A Lucid Halloween Bash At Smoke Signal’s In Lake Placid NY

BY  • OCTOBER 24, 2014

Lucid takes the stage on Halloween at Smoke Signals in Lake Placid, New York. Lucid’s enlivening powerful performances energize concertgoers from open to encore, making this Halloween show one not to be missed. In addition to the diverse sound that creates a Lucid party, a costume contest will be held to celebrate this special event.  Presented by Full Circle Music Productions. Tickets are $5.00 day of show. Ages 21 and up.


Lucid was born and raised in the diverse musical culture unique to the City of Plattsburgh, New York, nestled high in the Adirondack Mountains.

The area’s mix of local musicians, college students, out-of-towners and rural regulars brings together music fans from all walks of life. Nearly a decade of progress and development has established Lucid as one of the most dynamic, hard working, finely tuned bands in the North Country.

Lucid’s songs remain structurally tight and carefully woven, distinguishing them from their jam band counterparts. Still, they’re unpredictable in nature, with a knack for improv and a talent for delivery. Find yourself in the celebration that is a Lucid show, and you’ll quickly understand the infectious, unique experience that music fans are raving about. Come. Join the party.