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Making waves of diverse colors and sounds, tiedye ky explores many different experimental genres of electronic music. Most known for his wizardry in the studio, conjuring an organic sound, tiedye ky is a well known name in the music scene of his home city of Philadelphia. Synthesizing analog sounds and textures varying from wavy melodic pads to deep distorted bass, tiedye ky’s beats are turning the heads of those in search of an original sound.

In tiedye’s first summer as a performing DJ, he quickly climbed the ranks to supporting top shelf acts in sold out rooms, leaving a mark on all the popular venues in Philadelphia. This brought him up and down the east coast, performing at festivals from Maine to South Florida.

Currently, tiedye ky is finishing some of his biggest projects yet. The successful release of the “Color Palettes” project; Side A shining light on tiedye’s groovy and melodic soft side, and Side B flexing heavier and more experimental bass music has projected ky into his first non-independent release with SATURATE records coming this Fall. Keeping a stack of original music in the vault, tiedye ky is continues to prove himself through 2018 and beyond.

Kyle Bate – DJ/Producer

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Booking: Jesse Boyer, Full Circle Music Productions
Management: Sal Dragone, Full Circle Music Productions